Linguistic Services



Whether it is about an ad text, a manual or a patent – for me, translation is always about linguistic creativity. I consider my profession as a handcraft, with language (words and grammar) being my materials and my spirit (expertise and linguistic intuition) providing the tools. A translated text is the final product of a creative process.

Translating is not about transmitting a text to another language word by word. My goal is to understand the content in the source language with all aspects and to transfer it to the target language so that the final text does not sound like a translation at all, but like a text being written in that language. Patent translation, which has its own rules, is an exception.

It goes without saying that I always familiarize comprehensively with the translation's subject, to consider its target audience, and to comply with the special instructions for each job.

Review & Proofreading

Review and Proofreading

I provide editing and proofreading for translations from English, French and Spanish to German as well as for content written in German.

I have already reviewed several bachelors, masters, and doctoral theses from the fields of humanities and natural science, and I also have a familiarity with the requirements of academic writing through my academic background.

I will thoroughly check your content for linguistic and stylistic correctness and for coherence. I work very precisely and, of course, always comply with the order-specific instructions.

Post Editing

Post Editing

My services also include post editing of content which has been pre-translated by a machine (translation software). Often this allows for faster content processing and a more cost-effective option.

I have been providing this service since 2017, so I know what's important to efficiently post-edit a pre-translated text and obtain a high-quality final product.